Frying Masalas

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In Indian cooking frying masalas is an integral part of cooking and it is a technique in itself.

Most Indian recipes have onion and tomato as the base of a masala. First, oil is heated to a medium heat and onions are sautéed till caramelised or golden brown. Then chopped tomatoes are added and cooked till mushy. In goes a good amount of fresh ginger and garlic and cooked till all the raw smell goes away. These four ingredients make the base for a good curry. Once this base is ready, the ground masala is added and this masala is fried for a certain amount of time to release the flavours from the spices and also to ensure that the masala is fully cooked. It is this frying that gives the depth to all traditional curries and it is this frying that differentiates between an authentic and an ordinary curry. During the frying process very little amounts of water is added and that too only if required. Once this depth is achieved, the meat or poultry is added and cooked for the required amount of time. It is essential to add water as required once the meat or poultry is added. It is important to note that the onions should not be burnt during frying as this will impart a bitter taste to curries.

My Chicken Green Masala Curry and Chicken Indad Curry are good examples of this technique. These curries acquire their required depth only if the masala is fried to the required amount of time or as the recipe calls.

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