Green Chillies

By Published On: 12 Jul '20Last Updated: 12 Jul '20

Fresh green chillies come in many varieties, taste, heat and are the life and soul of any Indian meal. In my cooking I have used slim, green finger chillies. These chillies have a fresh flavour and a medium sharp bite. I buy them from my green grocer in packets. I add them in my snacks, curries, pickles, chutneys and soups. The rule of thumb is the smaller they are the hotter they are so care should be taken before you add them to your dishes. The best way to add them is to split them and add them to your dishes. Although, I add them whole to the blender for my masala bases, slit them and add them while cooking a dish, add them chopped to my snacks, salads and Kebab mixes. Indian food is never meant to be searing hot, it is the taste that matters and not the level of chillies.

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