Ja, lass uns “Mixed Vegetable Pot Pie“ machen!

Let’s have Deliciously Indian says the newly married Jess to her friend and now her brand new hubby Stephan and Stephan replies Ja, lass uns “Mixed Vegetable Pot Pie“ machen! (Yes, let’s go for “Mixed Vegetable Pot Pie”!).

Jess and Stephan are a young newly married couple who are now starting their new life in a beautiful city in Germany called Bremen. It is a picturesque city located in north western Germany with hundreds of mini garden patches called ‘Shrebergartens’ which Jess absolutely enjoys walking and many other beautiful sites which she is yet to explore. They can’t wait as they both love nature.

I have known Jess and her parents since the time she was about 6 months old. In fact, she was still in her basinet and smiling at me when we met Jess for the first time. Jess grew into this beautiful, smart, generous young woman who always smiled and ready to help anyone who needs a hand. Jess got married to the love of her life Stephan and now lives in Germany where Stephan is now working.

Amongst all the COVID-19 hurdles Jess made it to Germany at the time of the spring awakening, the temperatures rising, the frost disappearing, the flowers starting to bloom (Jess is in love with the flora and fauna of Bremen), the evening becoming lighter with clear blue skies and what happens next is history! They get inspired to cook a Deliciously Indian dinner.

Jess and Stephan love creating delicious and nutritious meals from scratch for that healthy balanced lifestyle. I have little doubt that they love their Bremer which is a sausage made of fresh white fish, coated in crispy breadcrumbs and garnished with a mix of mustard, fried onions and mixed herbs. It sounds really tempting to me and am looking forward to trying it when I visit Germany.

I woke up today morning to open a photo of Stephan and I am delighted to share this photo with all my readers. They prepared the Mixed Vegetable Pot Pie and she said, “we had a lot of fun making your Veggie Pot Pie”! “Really yummy”. Such a great way to use veggies and the sauce is to die for. Our Savoury tooth really loved it and it goes a long way for busy cooks!

Jess further said, “must try more of your recipes”! Thanks to Jess and Stephan. Ich bin sehr dankbar für Ihre Unterstützung (I am very grateful for your support). Dankeschön (Thank you).

Will keep you posted on some other recipes that Jess will try in the coming months!

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