Mediterranean Bay Leaf

By Published On: 12 Jul '20Last Updated: 12 Jul '20

The biological name for the Mediterranean bay leaf is Laurus nobilis and its other common names are bay tree, sweet bay, bay laurel and Grecian laurel. It is a large shrub with evergreen leaves and is a native to the Mediterranean region. The leaves have a sharp, bitter and pungent taste however their fragrance is more noticeable than taste. It is a culinary herb and is used to flavour soups, stews, meats, seafood and vegetable dishes. The leaves may be used fresh or dried.

In appearance the Indian bay leaf (Tej patta) is similar but the Mediterranean bay leaf has only one vein down the centre and culinarily quite different. In Indian cooking dried Mediterranean bay leaves are sometimes used in place of Indian bay leaves but it must be noted that the flavour profile is very different and is not a substitute.

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