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By Published On: 6 Jul '20Last Updated: 12 Jul '20

GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME! as you may have noticed, my website has undergone a huge transformation into an easier to navigate and browse website.

So what’s changed?

My Homepage now clearly shows the book and a photo of me (the author!) as well as a summary of me, the book and the recipes.

The Explore the Book Tab gives you a fresh new way to see many of the great creations from the book as well as brief descriptions about each recipe.

The News Tab now displays news items in an attractive way and the news items themselves have a lot more options in layouts, fonts, colours and images.

Buying my cookbook is now made simple and easy with links throughout to purchase the book as you are surfing the website.

You now have the option to print the recipes published on my website just by clicking the PRINT button while you are browsing the recipe.

Thanks to my IT savvy son for his valuable time, tireless efforts, dedication and expertise in systematic planning, executing and transforming my website into a well designed, user-friendly and professional website. I am truly blessed!

I hope you enjoy my new website as much as I do!

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Hi, I’m Catherine!

I’m all about creating tasty Indian dishes with whatever’s on hand, even when I’m short on time or budget. I love turning simple ingredients into flavorful delights. Join me on this culinary adventure where we’ll explore the magic of Indian cuisine, one delicious dish at a time!

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