Pan frying & shallow-frying & sautéing

Pan frying is a technique in which food is cooked in a little oil and the oil is hot enough to cook food without absorbing too much oil. In this method the food is usually flipped at least once to ensure that both sides are cooked. Pan frying requires a lower heat than sautéing so that the exterior of the food does not overcook until the interior reaches the proper temperature and the food is in a moist state.

In my book I have referred to pan frying in many recipes. Some of those recipes include masala dosa, pan polay, paratha, school prawn and spinach dosa and fish fry.

If the dosa batter is in the fridge, please remove at least 30 minutes before and allow the batter to come to room temperature. This prevents the dosas from sticking to the pan when frying. Similarly, any dough for parathas should be brought to room temperature before making the parathas and frying.

If you are pan frying fish, remove fish from the fridge at least 20 minutes before cooking to come to room temperature.

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