Pressure Cooking

By Published On: 16 Jul '20Last Updated: 16 Jul '20

Pressure cooking is a process of cooking in an appliance in which food is cooked at a very high temperature. Water or a water-based liquid is used to build pressure inside the cooker which permits cooking temperatures to reach well above 100°C (212°F).

Pressure cooking reduces the cooking time considerably than if you were to cook on the stop top.

I have used a 5L sleek and simple pressure cooker which has a weight valve device commonly known as whistle. The whistle is placed on the vent tube when a continuous jet of steam comes out of the vent tube. The whistle is pressed down until it locks into position. Once the cooker has reached full pressure, the weight valve will whistle and the number of whistles as specified in the recipe will determine the cooking time.

Please note there are a number of pressure cooker models available in the market. The cooking time and method varies between different models, hence refer to the specific instructions provided with your model of pressure cooker.

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