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By Published On: 31 May '20Last Updated: 28 Jun '20

A recipe has no soul. You as a cook must bring soul to the recipe

– Thomas Keller

This is so true of this recipe which my friend chose from a selection of recipes from my recently published cookbook. A few weeks ago, in the Easter week, I received a really lovely message from my friend who was looking for a vegetarian inspiration and she found a rather beautiful looking recipe called “Mixed Vegetable Pot Pie”. I was thrilled to receive this message because she is the very first one who was trying this recipe and what’s more she loved it so much that she decided to pass it on to her daughter to try it out.

My friend made it with a little less amount of rice than recommended in the recipe but achieved terrific results and she said “it was lovely, my hubby loved it too and was great for lunch boxes. It will be my go to recipe from now on. Sent the recipe to my daughter also”. On receipt of this recipe from her mum, her daughter cooked it and here’s a beautiful photo straight from her kitchen in Germany. I am delighted to see my friend share a recipe she loved with her daughter. It is believed that sharing recipes with one of your most favourite individuals is a great way to keep the bond strong and unbreakable.

Pies are usually made with pastry, but this pie is an extremely satisfying version without pastry. It is nutritious and full of flavour with diced vegetables, eggs, a touch of spice topped with a creamy cheese sauce which really adds extra depth and dimension to the filling. Serve with a drizzle of chilli oil for a little extra warmth. To save time, you may make your rice and filling ahead of time and assemble it just before you bake the pie.

I have done this pot pie a few times and each time I made this pie, I felt it looks great on a dinner table and as my friend said the leftovers were great for my husband’s lunch box too.

And I would say, a perfectly comforting soul warming pie recipe for a crisp cold winter’s dinner.

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