Wishing everyone a Blessed Easter

By Published On: 15 Apr '22Last Updated: 15 Apr '22

the lord has risen. have a blessed easter!

It’s Easter!

Easter is a sacred Sunday that celebrates Jesus’ Resurrection and falls two days after Good Friday. This is the Sunday that marks the anniversary of Jesus Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. Easter Sunday is considered sacred by Christians around the globe.

Christ bore the punishment on behalf of the sinful human race and died. The death of Christ was a sacrifice but his Resurrection represents salvation and renewal of faith.

The most important words of the Christian faith – He is Risen! These words are messages of hope, and of victory, even over death itself.

The Gospels tell us that following His resurrection, Jesus greeted his followers with the words ‘Peace be with you‘. In the face of fear and uncertainty, this beautiful blessing is shared by faiths throughout the world.

Peace be with all of you as we reflect and draw strength from our Christian faith, and look forward with a renewed sense of optimism and hope for our future.

Warmest wishes to all the Christians everywhere that each of you have a safe, happy and holy Easter.

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