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From my humble beginnings in India, I travelled across the globe, learning to use a vast variety of techniques to combine fragrant flavours and luscious spices. Deliciously Indian is a collection of the best South Indian recipes created through a culmination of years of experience and experimentation distilled into a delectable selection.

MY COOKBOOK IS THE FULFILMENT OF A DREAM. A dream that began as a child. A dream of sharing the memories of the rich, fragrant Indian foods that filled my childhood home.

food is our common ground, a universal experience.

I want everyone to experience the sounds, sights, smells and tastes of Delicious Indian foods in their homes. To bring families together to share memories of joy and laughter entwined with aromatic and indulgent foods.

Catherine Lavina Mendonsa at her Book Launch

A Fusion of the best flavours from india

C.L. Mendonsa combines the subtleties of exotic Indian spices with fresh seasonal produce to bring exciting traditional and contemporary flavours to your table

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A Journey of discovery

Deliciously Indian is a cookbook that welcomes magnificent Mangalorean meals to our shores. Lavi has combined her love and vast knowledge of Mangalorean food, which she learnt from her mother to write step-by-step instructions to prepare flavoursome home cooked meals. The recipes in her book are sure to fill your home with rich familiar aromas and create opportunity a plenty for bonding, relaxing and reconnecting with loved ones. A journey of discovery will lead you to soon become a connoisseur of Mangalorean goodness.


Tantalise your tastebuds

Deliciously Indian is bound to tantalise your taste buds and leave you craving for more especially if a little part of you belongs in the exotic corner of the world that is Mangalore, on the Malabar Coast in the south western region of India. Lavina Mendonsa has captured the essence of home cooking and raised it to a whole new level with some of the most scrumptious, foolproof recipes illustrated with exquisite photographs and accompanied by occasional anecdotes that tell a story or two of how her recipes came to fruition. This collection is by far one of the best and most authentic, easy to follow publications of its kind, highlighting regional Indian cuisine.


A must have in every home

‘Deliciously Indian’ is so much more than just a simple recipe book. It is a memoir of the familiar sights, smells, and colors associated with every Indian family. The book brilliantly captures the timeless delights from the north and south and from the east and west coasts of India. It is filled with excellent recipes that carry with it the people who have cooked them and enjoyed them. By all accounts – this book is a must-have in every home that enjoys Indian food.


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A delectable indian dessert

Light, refreshing and deliciously smooth Rice Kheer, Just one of the tasty treats inside Deliciously Indian

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