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Cooking Techniques

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Traditionally barbecuing means cooking over an open fire, hot coals or hot embers although in modern terms it can also refer to cooking food on a flat or ridged electric char-grill. The barbecues are heated by various energy sources such as gas, electricity and wood, charcoal or heat [...]


The magic of Indian cooking is in the blending of spices. Blending means to combine the required ingredients in a blender until very smooth or uniform. All spices have their own characteristics and are used in varying proportions to make the correct combination for a particular delicacy. The [...]

Deep Frying

Deep frying is a cooking method in which the food is cooked submerged in hot oil. In this method the oil is heated to the required temperature before the food is added. The oil should be still when it is at the correct temperature and have a shimmer. [...]

Dry Roasting & Broiling

Dry roasting is a commonly used cooking technique to bring out the smoky, toasty, earthy flavours of the spices without the use of oil. In my book dry roasting/broiling is done mostly in traditional Mangalorean curries and dishes to change the flavour of certain spices and enhance their [...]

Frying Masalas

In Indian cooking frying masalas is an integral part of cooking and it is a technique in itself. Most Indian recipes have onion and tomato as the base of a masala. First, oil is heated to a medium heat and onions are sautéed till caramelised or golden brown. [...]

Frying till golden brown

Frying onions till golden brown is an important technique in every Indian kitchen. It is easy to do. Heat a heavy based saucepan/frying pan on medium heat with 4 tbsp. oil or ghee. Add one finely sliced onion and spread it evenly on the base. Sauté for seven [...]


Grilling is a technique where meat, poultry, fish and vegetables are cooked by direct dry heat. The grill is preheated to the required temperature usually over 260⁰C (500⁰F). The food to be grilled is placed on a rack in the grill pan to allow the fat to drip [...]

Pan frying & shallow-frying & sautéing

Pan frying is a technique in which food is cooked in a little oil and the oil is hot enough to cook food without absorbing too much oil. In this method the food is usually flipped at least once to ensure that both sides are cooked. Pan frying [...]

Pressure Cooking

Pressure cooking is a process of cooking in an appliance in which food is cooked at a very high temperature. Water or a water-based liquid is used to build pressure inside the cooker which permits cooking temperatures to reach well above 100°C (212°F). Pressure cooking reduces the cooking [...]

Roasting or Baking

We often talk about ‘roasting’ fish or meat, when we really mean “baking”. ‘Roasting’ originally meant to cook in front of an open fire and this method was popular in the medieval times when enclosed ovens were only owned by wealthy people. Most of the baking in the [...]

Seasoning & Tempering

Seasoning/tempering is a technique in which whole or ground spices are briefly roasted in hot oil or ghee in order to extract and release their essential oils thus making their flavour more aromatic. Seasoning is added to many dishes to increase the flavour of those dishes either at [...]


Simmering is a food preparation technique when the liquids are just hot enough for a few bubbles to form. The temperature is approximately 90⁰C-95⁰C. Simmering is when the liquids are brought to a boil and the heat reduced to maintain that temperature. Simmering is one of the most [...]


Steaming is a method of cooking where the food is set over boiling water and cooked in the steam given off. Place the food in a metal basket or in a steamer over a pot of boiling water. Cover the metal basket tightly and cook for the required [...]


Baking has many popular variations and baking in a tandoor is a popular way of making naan bread in India and now worldwide. Tandoor also known as tandoori oven is a curved cylindrical pot made of clay and they have been used to prepare breads and marinated meats [...]

Trussing a Stuffed Chicken

Trussing is a culinary technique of tying the chicken snugly with a butcher’s twine or kitchen twine before cooking, so the wings and legs are close to the body. Should I Truss the chicken Of course, you can roast a chicken without trussing, however, once you [...]

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