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My Cooking Techniques

This section is dedicated to introducing you to the essential cooking methods that form the backbone of Indian cuisine. From tempering spices to achieving the perfect sauté, my collection of techniques is designed to help you master the art of Indian cooking.


Traditionally barbecuing means cooking over an open fire, hot coals or hot embers although in modern terms it can also refer to cooking food on a flat or ridged electric char-grill. The barbecues are heated by various energy sources such as gas, electricity and wood, charcoal or heat [...]


The magic of Indian cooking is in the blending of spices. Blending means to combine the required ingredients in a blender until very smooth or uniform. All spices have their own characteristics and are used in varying proportions to make the correct combination for a particular delicacy. The [...]

Deep Frying

Deep frying is a cooking method in which the food is cooked submerged in hot oil. In this method the oil is heated to the required temperature before the food is added. The oil should be still when it is at the correct temperature and have a shimmer. [...]

Dry Roasting & Broiling

Dry roasting is a commonly used cooking technique to bring out the smoky, toasty, earthy flavours of the spices without the use of oil. In my book dry roasting/broiling is done mostly in traditional Mangalorean curries and dishes to change the flavour of certain spices and enhance their [...]

Frying Masalas

In Indian cooking frying masalas is an integral part of cooking and it is a technique in itself. Most Indian recipes have onion and tomato as the base of a masala. First, oil is heated to a medium heat and onions are sautéed till caramelised or golden brown. [...]

Frying till golden brown

Frying onions till golden brown is an important technique in every Indian kitchen. It is easy to do. Heat a heavy based saucepan/frying pan on medium heat with 4 tbsp. oil or ghee. Add one finely sliced onion and spread it evenly on the base. Sauté for seven [...]