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DELICIOUSLY INDIAN has been featured on a range of media publications from traditional print newspapers to cultural e-newsletters and blogs. These publications have been featured below.

  • Times of India
  • Mangalore Today
  • Daijiworld
  • Veez
  • Pingara
  • Secular Citizen
  • Deccan Herald
  • New Indian Express
  • Catholic Weekly
  • The Weekly Times

If you’d like to feature Deliciously Indian in your print publication, e-magazine, newsletter, website or blog please contact the author for more information.

Times of India


A huge achievement for Deliciously Indian, featured on The Times of India newspaper.

The Times of India is one of India’s largest English language newspaper and media outlet. It sells papers daily throughought the world and is the second-oldest Indian newspaper still in circulation. Near the beginning of the 20th century, Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of India, called The Times of India “the leading paper in Asia”. In 1991, the BBC ranked The Times of India among the world’s six best newspapers.

Please check out the article if you get a chance!

Mangalore Today


Deliciously Indian was featured on the e-magazine Mangalore Today. As well as making the front page of the Mangalore Today Website!



Deliciously Indian was recently featured on Daijiworld, a famous news website that features content from the Konkan region where I grew up. This news site has over 2.5 lakh individual viewerships on a daily basis, spread across 180 countries. It would be greatly appreciated if you would like, share and comment on the post at daijiworld.

Here is an excerpt from their website which describes a little about them.

“The prime objective of was to relay the latest news from the coastal Konkan region and the world at large, to the Indian Diaspora. With the passage of time, we have included a variety of subjects apart from news content to give our readers a wide array of relevant topics and issues. Our reports have created a desired impact, provoked people to think and act, given them the power of reasoning, informed, educated and entertained people across the globe. Our calls for charity work have been flooded with overwhelming responses, as a result of which many families have been benefitted in the last 10 years of our existence. It is a matter of great satisfaction to us that may a time daijiworld has been the sources of news content, photographs and video to many web portals and news agencies the world over.”

Veez Konkani Weekly e-magazine


Deliciously Indian was featured in a lengthy editorial piece written in Konkani.

Konkani is a local dialect of India spoken predominantly by the people of Karnataka in soutwestern India, particularly along the coast.

This article was published by Veez Konkani Weekly e-magazine published from Chicago.



Deliciously Indian was featured on Pingara which is a Karnataka news website.

Secular Citizen


Another exciting feature on the popular Secular Citizen e-magazine. Secular Citizen is a magazine and website distributed to Indian Christians.

Secular Citizen describes themselves as;

An organisation dedicated to the betterment of Indian Christians such as

  • All-round Welfare and development of Indian Christian Community.
  • Social, economic, business, family interaction among fellow Christians and organisations across the nation and world-over
  • To encourage, support entrepreneal activities among Indian Christians, thereby making the community economically strong.
  • To give world-wide exposure to Christian talents * To enrich the rich culture and traditions of Indian Christians.
  • To Provide National and International opportunities for Christian Youth.
  • And to do all that is to achieve these and other aims we seek material, moral and financial support, cooperation, from members of the community spread world-over in their own specialised field.

Deccan Herald


Deliciously Indian was featured in the Deccan Herald!

The Deccan Herald is a daily English newspaper published in Karnataka and distributed throughout the state.

New Indian Express


Deliciously Indian was featured in New Indian express!

The New Indian Express is an Indian English-language broadsheet daily newspaper published by the Chennai-based Express Publications. It was founded in 1932 and is now published from all 22 major cities in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Odisha.

Catholic Weekly


Deliciously Indian was recently featured on Catholic Weekly which is a newspaper distributed across Catholic Churches Australia-wide and aims to offer news of the Church at every level – from the parish to the world.

The Weekly Times (TWT)


Deliciously Indian featured in The Weekly Times dated 12 February 2020.

The Weekly Times is a newspaper that covers an area that stretches from the City of Canada Bay to include Epping, Lane Cove, Hunters Hill and parts of the City of Parramatta.

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